Get Back is not a novel. It's novel. There are words, that's all, more than enough. You want entertainment you want 'character
development' you want 'plot' you want a story, well you won't find them. You see the book is about unsaying words in order to return to
the silence we came from. Get back to childhood then further back to the preverbal preschizoid past. Paradise. Why ? Because children
are simply preferable to adults, wholeness is simply preferable to splitting, silence is simply preferable to noise. This is a How To book,
how to stop talking. What the Surrealists did with objects is done here to words: they are removed from their habitual contexts, so they
first become ludicrous, then inapplicable, then, ashamed, they slink away. All this is harnessed to a psychological voyage: a return
through childhood to infancy. Notice what a baby is ? Eyes. And eyes don't talk. Over and shout it all out, shit it all out - into silence. Get
Back is CJBR's most original book, often infuriating, more often funny. Language is liquefied, filling a nappy.


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